5 Tips to Maintain and Care for Cornrows

  • March 16, 2023
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Cornrows are hands down the best and most convenient of all protective styles. This is due to the fact that they are low-maintenance while still protecting your hair from moisture loss and breakage. And the diversity? From straight-back cornrows to goddess cornrows, there’s almost a hundred cornrow styles to chose from. We’re literally spoilt for choice!

 But just like every other hairstyle, they also need some care and maintenance to make them last so they can serve you well. You need an upkeep routine where you ensure you hydrate your ends, maintain the regrowth, cleanse and moisturize your scalp as well as avoiding itchy patches. This will not only care for your scalp but also keep your hair fresher for longer and avoid any potential damage such as hair loss.

In this article, we have put together a few essential tips to guide you while taking care of your cornrows. So, read on:

1. Keep your cornrows moisturized

Cornrows can cause dryness and even itchiness due to the fact that they expose your scalp to heat and other harsh environmental conditions. To avoid this, you should use a light oil or leave-in conditioner to always keep your hair moisturized. This is because a leave-in conditioner provides longer-lasting hydration and the light oil helps seal the moisture. Avoid heavy oils and greasy products as these can cause build-up in your scalp and further lead to itchiness. You could use oils such as coconut oil, castor oil or peppermint oil in-between your cornrows.

2. Avoid washing them too often

Although washing your hair is the best way to keep your scalp scalp clean, it’s also the easiest way to loosen cornrows and make them start to unravel. This is because water and moisture in general causes hair to frizz. If you must wash your hair, then ensure you only do it once every two to three weeks depending on the condition of your hair and scalp. While doing so, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner and avoid rubbing on the braids too much. Another tip is to avoid using hot water on hair. This is because heat is too intense for your scalp and will cause breakage as well as dry out your hair. It is better to go for warm water if you can’t stand cold water.

3. Cover your hair when sleeping

The easiest and most popular way to maintain cornrows is to cover your hair before going to bed. You could also do this when you’re at home and don't have any errands to run outside. Use a silk or satin bonnet to protect your hair from drying out, being frizzy and also reducing flyaways. You could also opt for a satin pillowcase as an alternative to the bonnet. A pro tip is to moisturize your hair before putting on a bonnet as this helps to lay all the flyaways down on your hair.

4. Get an experienced stylist

Keep in mind that your braids are only as good as the person who handles your hair. If you get them done by someone who is not experienced enough, you should not expect them to last you long. Therefore ensure you go a skilled stylist who is known for their work. Do your due diligence and look for reviews either photos or comments from previous clients before approaching a certain stylist.

5. Don’t stay with cornrows for too long

Your expectations should be realistic before you get into this style. I know you want to keep them for up to 8 weeks but sis, that is giving delusional. Your hair will only last depending on how well it’s been braided, taken care of and the overall health of your hair. Also remember that leaving your hair for too long might result in fungal infections due to dirt and product buildup underneath your cornrows. Therefore, purpose to undo them at least after 4-5 weeks.

Lastly, be careful not to damage your hair while undoing. Apply some moisturizer before you begin to help give your hair elasticity and also reduce any risk of breakage. And when you encounter any tangles, be patient and gently detangle them without pulling your hair too much.

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