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  • April 6, 2023
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These TikTok trends are becoming super overwhelming I’m literally struggling to keep up. So lately, everyone has been rambling about the “Clean Girl Aesthetic” which is basically just the millennial makeup no-makeup look but with a Gen Z twist. Recently, there has been a certain emphasis and desire to consume sustainable products and the beauty industry seems to have adopted this as well.

So then what is clean girl makeup? Unlike the norm where makeup artists would build up product for maximum coverage, clean girl makeup focuses more on quality over quantity. Here, less is always more. It is extremely effortless and minimalistic which is one of the main contributing factors to its popularity. You’ve probably seen it countless times on your FYP because it makes the whole concept of makeup seem way simpler than it did before and people are more willing to try it now.

The major qualifications of clean girl makeup are usually glowy and dewy skin, fluffy brows, slicked-back hair and splash of gold hoops. But you can definitely fine-tune it and add other details according to your preference. Clean girl makeup is quite easy to pull off honestly so let’s get right into the tutorial.

Step 1: Prep your skin

Prepping your skin before makeup application is crucial regardless of the technique or trend you’re adopting. I think it’s quite obvious now that I repeat it in every other article, which if you have not read yet, you’re definitely missing out. Also as I mentioned earlier, the key markers of clean girl makeup are a glowy and dewy ski therefore you are going to need a very well-prepped skin for this. Ensure that prior to your makeup application, you exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells, hydrate with a serum then lock everything with a lightweight moisturizer. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen as well. 

Step 2: Create your base

Clean girl makeup is all about revealing your natural skin and achieving a dewy finish. This means, as I said earlier, less is more. Here we are doing less concealing and covering up therefore the base should be extremely lightweight. The first step to achieving a great base is applying your primer. It will help blur your pores as well as give your makeup something to grip onto.

The next step is concealer to help lift the face and add a bit of brightness in the complexion. Apply the concealer on the inner corner and outer corner of your eyes then blend with a beauty blender for a seamless finish. Afterwards, set the concealer with a setting powder to prevent it from looking shiny. Just be careful not to apply too much.

Step 3: Do your brows

Moving on swiftly onto the brows. Clean girl makeup requires us to have to have our brows fluffy so we’re going to do just that. The first step to getting fluffy brows is using a spoolie to brush through your brow hair and give them a lift while also separating them. You can use brow soap or brow gel to help them stick down cause sometimes brow hair can be quite stubborn. Lastly, in case you feel like your brows aren’t full in enough, you can use a brow pen to fill them in using light hair-like stokes.

While at it, you could also add some mascara to give your lashes some coverage.  

Step 4: Add some blush and highlighter

We all love some powder blush, especially my oily skin girls. But for clean girl makeup it is better to opt for the cream blushes as it will give you that luminous and vibrant glow. This will later on help in achieving that dewy and glowy look. Start by dabbing it along your cheeks then blend with a beauty blender until it appears seamless and well spread out.  Also, don’t shy away from applying more blush if you need to, as it also helps lift your cheekbones.

For highlighter, lightly brush some of it on the top of your cheekbones, tip of your nose and the bridge of your nose. You could also add some under your brows and Cupid’s bow for extra illumination.

Step 5: Lastly, lips

You want to start by lining your lips with a lip liner of your choice depending on the colour of lipstick you’re going for. Ensure you make it rounder on your bottom lip and Cupid’s bow as well to give the illusion of plumper lips. For this clean girl look, you may want to go with a nude or pinkish lipstick. Then top it off with a clear or glittery gloss of your choice.

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