What To Know Before Getting a Tattoo

  • Oct. 21, 2022
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Tattoos are permanent. This makes most of us extremely restless and indecisive when it comes to getting our first tattoo. What will it be? Where should it be? Will it be big or just minimalistic? What about the pain? These and many more are some of the questions that run through our minds during this whole process.

Most people argue to the fact that tattoos can be removed either surgically or with lasers. But be prepared to spend a fortune to remove even the tiniest one, not forgetting the physical pain that comes with the whole process. Getting a tattoo is really something to think through, don’t just rush into it. Though, sometimes it doesn’t have to be that serious. You could always just go with the flow. I mean, you only live once, right?

In this article we have a few tips and beginner’s guide on everything tattoos. So, do read on;

  1.  Don’t make decisions lightly

Tattoos are pretty permanent and will be with you for a long time if not your whole life. It’s best to think long and hard about everything before booking your appointment. Especially if you’re thinking about putting someone’s name on your body. Keep in mind that cover-up tattoos are a thing for a reason. So it’s better to take time now and carefully choose a design that you’ll love for years to come rather than spend more money in future to cover it up or have it removed.

  1. Ensure cleanliness and safety for both the tattoo artist and the shop

The law has different requirements from artists in different countries. So ensure that both the artist and the shop are adhering to the set regulations before booking your appointment. Besides this, also do check on the sanitation of then place. Ensure that the surfaces are sparkling clean and the artist uses a new sterile needle and fresh ink that has never used before. This is because a tattoo is basically an open wound and lack of proper sanitation could cause infections.

  1. Yes, it will be painful so come prepared

Though everyone’s pain tolerance is different and it can’t be clear on exactly how much it will hurt, there are some general rules of thumb that have proven to be quite helpful. The most painful tattoos are the ones done directly over bone such as your rib-cage, your torso and undersides of your arm. The least painful parts are thighs, calfs and arms.

Some other tips are to get enough sleep the night before your appointment and eat a solid meal before your appointment as your blood sugar might get low during the procedure.

  1. Prepare to do aftercare

The average healing period for a new tattoo is about 2-3 weeks. During this time you will to take proper care of the skin where your tattoo lies as it an open wound. This is going to help protect the new piece of art as well as avoid any infections. Your tattoo artist will give you a few tips on the aftercare that you must follow without fail. Some few tips are to avoid swimming or soaking as well keeping the area away from direct sun light. Also avoid wearing tight clothes that might stick on to the skin as this might lead to peeling.

  1. Do your research

Last but not least, as I said earlier, don’t rush into this. Do your due diligence and research carefully before making any decisions. Choose something that you are willing to love for years with little to no regret. Also look for a professional tattoo artist who will help advice you so that you don’t end up looking at your tattoo and thinking, this is the worst mistake I’ve ever done. You could ask your friends with good tattoos to refer you to their artist or even check online for the best reviewed artist. The goal is for you to leave the shop with exactly what you wanted or even better.


PS: Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

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