How to Maintain Braided Hair at Home (Box Braids, Twists and Locs)

  • Aug. 5, 2021
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Truth be told, nothing beats the look of neat, finely done braids. Braid extensions have been such a trend and have even been done by various celebrities like Beyonce, Zendaya, and Rihanna. They have also been an excellent way to rock some long hair, especially for us black girls, and are such a lifesaver to most people who need long-lasting protective hairstyles. But let’s be honest, braids could really cost a fortune to get done. Therefore, the last thing you want is to see your braids unraveling after only two weeks of getting them done.

In general, taking care of braided hair is not that hard since braids are very easy to wash and dry. Although people tend to live by certain misconceptions such as “washing braided hair will spoil the hairstyle,” that is obviously a fat lie. Braided hair, just like natural hair, requires proper maintenance and care. Therefore stick around as we take you through a few tips to help your braided hair last longer.

1. Pretreat your hair before installing the braids

Before you braid your hair, make sure you wash and condition your hair properly. This will ensure that your hair is moisturized for as long as you have the braids on, preventing breakage or damage. A professional hairstylist will know the proper care and maintenance your natural hair requires before getting braided. Therefore, you might consider booking some of them here at

2. Cover your hair before sleep

Some of the things you will need to consider after getting your hair braided is getting either a silk scarf, a satin bonnet, or a satin pillowcase. This is because their material will prevent your hair from drying out and protect your edges from the harshness of cotton material. You could also use both a silk scarf and pillow since some of us, unfortunately, lose our scarves while sleeping.

3. Regularly wash your braids

You will need to wash your braided hair at least once a week to prevent itchiness caused by sweat and dirt buildup on the scalp. A tip is to use a clear shampoo to ensure that it leaves an invisible residue on your hair. Also, make sure you properly rinse and dry out your braids after washing since dump braids could lead to serious scalp issues such as dandruff and bacteria buildup. Then finally, hydrate your scalp with some oil to prevent drying out.

4. Moisturize your scalp

Your hair, just like all living things, requires moisture to survive. Unfortunately, braids are scarce in the head, which exposes your scalp to heat, leading to dryness. Therefore frequently use a spray bottle and sprinkle some water mixed with leave-in treatment to your hair. You could also use some essential oils such as jojoba oil or hair oils that contain various nutrients beneficial to your hair.

5. Style your hair gently

One of the best things about getting braid extensions is that you can style them however you want, depending on the occasion. But sometimes, we tend to pull them too hard, which causes many flyaways, and if you have shorter hair, you might also pull out the whole braid, including your hair, especially on your hairline. That is why we need to take extra care when styling our hair. Use your hands and make sure that your hair tools are gentle to your hair.

6. Re-braid your hairline

Human hair grows quite fast, and since we have no control over that, the hair along our hairline might appear a bit bushy after a few weeks of having on braids. Therefore it is advisable to take off the braids along that area, detangle and condition your hair then do the braids again since doing your whole head might be pretty pricy. This will give your braids a good push for a few more weeks. Also, remember to be very gentle with hair along your hairline since it is quite brittle and weak.

7. Don’t stay too long with braided hair

The thought of undoing your braids and looking for another hairstyle could be pretty tedious. However, hair experts advise that people should not have their braids on for more than twelve weeks. This is because braiding extensions pulls your hair, and staying with them for long could lead to a significant loss of hair- especially at the edges. Another tip is after undoing your braids, give your scalp some time to breathe and rejuvenate before braiding again. In the meantime, trim your ends, moisturize and condition your hair. Also, avoid putting on hairstyles that cause tension to your hairline.

With these few steps, you will be able to have your braided hair last for quite some time, as well as feel the value of your money.

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