How To Strengthen Nails at Home

  • March 21, 2022
  • Nail Care

Ask somebody a problem they have with their nails and you can bet that weak nails will be their first answer. I myself have experienced weak nails as a major issue for as long as I can remember. Strong, healthy nails can be an indicator of good health but sometimes our nails just aren’t as strong as we would love them to be. I know I can be quite tempting to hide your thin peeling nails under some gel manicure but there are plenty of ways in which we can tweak our lifestyle habits and bring our nails back to their former glory.

What causes nails to weaken though? Nails are made up of layers of keratin, a protein that is also found in our hair and skin. As we age, the cells in our bodies produce keratin at a slower rate which can cause the nails to weaken and appear dry and dull. Exposure to elements like extreme cold, excessive hand-washing and contact with chemicals can also deplete nails leaving them dry and vulnerable.

In this article we take you through a few tips and tricks to help you grow the strong beautiful nails that you desire so read on;

  1. Jojoba oil, Almond oil and Olive oil

When you warm up this mixture of oils, apply it on your finger nails using cotton balls. Directly massage your hands with this mixture  or simply soak your hands in it and leave it on for at least 10 minutes and then wash it off gently. As almond oil contains antioxidants and nutrients, it nourishes your nails and prevents them from breaking.

  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is the answer to every beauty problem, yes it is. Brittle nails are commonly caused due to lack of proper moisturizer to your nails. Apply lukewarm coconut oil on your nails and nail beds and massage it gently for a minute. This also softens the cuticle, improves blood circulation to the nails and makes them stronger. After that expect healthier and better looking nails.

  1. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very beneficial to your nails. It contains iron, calcium, vitamins and many more nourishing factors for your nails. Mix apple cider vinegar with 2-3 cups of warm water, and soak your nails in it. The presence of alpha-hydroxy acids and acetic acid in the vinegar moisturizes the nails and prevents breaking of the nails. You can do this every day for immediate results.

  1. Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil contains everything you need for strong nails like vitamin B, magnesium, potassium and Omega-3. So apply it directly on your nails before going to bed and leave it on.

  1. Lemon juice

A mixture of lemon juice and olive oil will give you stronger, shinier and whiter nails. Dip a cotton ball into the warm mixture and apply it directly on your nails, and leave it overnight. Lemon juice contains vitamin C, a powerful antioxidants that fights free radicals and prevents further worsening of the condition.

  1. Tea tree oil and vitamin E oil

Fungal infection can cause brittle nails and tea tree oil will cure that problem. Rub the mixture together on your nails and nail beds and leave it on for 30 minutes and then rinse it off. Don’t forget to moisturize your nails afterwards. For effective results do this at least two times a day for a month. As tea tree is a powerful antiseptic oil and vitamin E acts as an antioxidant, this combination aids in healing brittle nails.

  1. Egg yolk and milk

No, this is not a healthy drink; this is for your nails, lol. Egg yolk and milk are a great moisturizer for your nails, which help your nails grow healthy.

  1. Chamomile and peppermint

Add 1 teaspoon of chamomile and 1 teaspoon of peppermint to a cup of boiling water, cover it and leave it for 2 hours. Strain the mixture and add 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of wheat flower and mix them all very well together. It will turn into a paste so apply it on your finger nails and rinse it off after 1 hour. 

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