How to Apply False/Fake Lashes Easily Like a Pro

  • July 21, 2021
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Everyone loves the look of long feathery lashes until it’s time to actually put them on. Honestly speaking, applying false eyelashes has to be one of the most challenging things of all time. But anyone who has mastered the art will tell you that it was definitely worth the practise. I mean, all good things take time, right?  

You might think of other solutions or shortcuts to getting those snatched lashes but then again, booking a makeup artist or lash technician to do your lash extension or lash lift can be quite expensive and tedious. So, if you want to save some coins and learn how to apply your falsies easily like a pro, then stick around as we take you through lash class 101. 

Step 1: Prep your natural lashes. 

This is quite optional but still necessary if you want your false lashes to look as realistic as possible. Start by curling your natural lashes with a lash curler as a way of making them look neat and nicely curved. Next use a mascara in a shade that matches your falsies and comb through your natural lashes. This will help your natural lashes blend well with the false lashes. 

Step 2: Carefully remove the lashes from the box. 

This step is actually very necessary and not just as easy as grab and pull. This is because if you vigorously pull the lash strip out especially from the centre, you might risk damaging the vein of the strip or even plucking out some of the hair. Therefore, take your time and start by gently peeling the lashes from the outer corner going towards the inner corner. Don’t worry if you damage some of it since you will be trimming this part anyway. 

Step 3: Measure the lashes against your lash line. 

After carefully removing your lashes from the box, it is now time to measure the strip against your lash line. So first hold your strip lash either with a pair of tweezers or your fingers and rest it along your lash line. To determine where you should trim, make sure you place your strip lash starting from where most of your natural lashes begin and about two or three lashes away from your outer corner. This is because if you place the lash too near to your inner corner, it will irritate your eyes. Also, if you place it way outwards it will make your eyes look droopy. Therefore, make sure you place your falsies within the dimensions stated. 

Step 4: Trim the excess parts. 

Now that you have measured the strip against your lash line and determined if there’s any excess, it’s time to trim it. Use a pair of scissors and hold your lash either with your finger or tweezers and cut the excess part (make sure you’re cutting them away from your natural lashes). For the cutting technique, do it from the outer edge and not through the lashes. This is because if you cut through the lashes, you might end up cutting some of the hair that you wanted to keep. And this might make you end up wasting a whole pair of lashes. 

Also sometimes strip lashes have some excess strip at the inner corner which might end up irritating you if you don’t cut it. Therefore, make sure you trim that part if you lash has it.  

Step 5: Apply lash glue on the strip. 

Hold your lash strip with either your fingers or tweezers and apply thin layer of glue along the band of the lash. If your glue does not have an applicator, put a small drop at the centre of the lash band and drag it across without adding any excess. Don’t squeeze the bottle along the lash band because you will have a lot of glue on the lash and end up making a mess. After applying the glue, leave it for about 30 seconds to dry a bit and get tacky (not totally dry).  

A tip is, as the glue is getting dry you can fold the lash ends towards each other as a way of bending them since you need them to mimic your actual lash line. 

Step 6: Place the falsies on your lash line. 

Finally, the part we've all been waiting for, hardest part yet. But I’m about to make it less difficult for you with a few hacks. So first, make sure your glue is tacky. Next place your mirror across your chin almost perpendicularly to your face and look down towards it. Then hold your strip lashes with either a pair of tweezers or your fingers and place it as close to your lash line as possible. Do this by first placing the centre of your strip lash in the middle of your lash line then move to the outer corner and finally the inner corner. This step-by-step process will ensure every part of the lash has been carefully placed where it should be.  

Once the lash has been carefully placed, use your finger tips to squeeze your natural lashes and falsies together. This will help blend both lashes together and make sure there’s no gap between your falsies and your lash line.  

Step 7: Apply eyeliner and mascara to blend. 

Last but not least use your eyeliner to help blend your strip lashes into your natural lash line. Apply either a pen liner or a gel liner with an angled brush along your lash line to connect your inner corner to where your strip lash begins. You can also go ahead and do a wing as per your preference. Then add another coat of mascara to blend in both lashes together and enjoy your beautiful long lashes. 

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