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  • July 14, 2021
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We all have days where we don’t feel like putting on heavy makeup and we just want to let go of all the full coverage foundations, colorful eyeshadow, bold lips and all that drama. These are the days we just want to let our skin breathe and enjoy the sun either on the beach or by a pool side.

 But even on these days, we still feel the need to cover our imperfections and have that flawless glowing skin and this is where natural makeup comes in. Natural makeup is quite flattering and is intended to enhance the beauty of your natural face features but with minimal use of products. It consists of all that lightweight foundation, subtle eyeshadow, nude lipsticks or gloss among other products that combine to give you a perfect natural glow.

The best thing about natural makeup is that it is super multifunctional and can be worn on any occasion at any time, from dinner dates to photoshoots to work and even school. It is also the most advisable makeup look for beginners and minimalists. But like every other look, natural makeup also requires one to follow a few steps in order to achieve the perfect finish. That is why we have written a step by step tutorial to help you nail your natural makeup look.

Step 1; Doing natural fluffy brows

Spoolie your brows with either a brow gel or soap to make them straight and neat. Then use either an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel to draw hair like structures on any sparse areas in between your brow hair. Then clean it up with a concealer for that neat fluffy brow look.

Step 2; Prep your skin

Your makeup can never be a hundred if your skincare is zero therefore make sure you do your skincare first for a more flawless finish. First moisturize your face then use a serum and finally a sunscreen to protect your skin. Then use either a hydrating or a mattifying primer according to your skin type to create a smooth canvas for your makeup. A primer also acts a barrier between your makeup and your skin therefore it is absolutely necessary.

Step 3; Apply foundation as a base

 Chose a foundation that has light to medium coverage and tap it in your skin using either a dumb makeup sponge or a flat brush. Make sure you use a foundation shade that perfectly blends in your skin for a more seamless finish. Also use very little product to prevent looking cakey or muddy.

Step 4; Use concealer and setting powder

Use a concealer that is at least two shades lighter to highlight your under eyes. For a more illuminating look apply it also on your forehead, chin and on the bridge of your nose. Be sure to use little product and apply with a dumb sponge using tapping motions for a seamless blend. Lastly use a fluffy brush and some setting powder to set the concealer and then dust it off.

Step 5; Bronze and Blush

Using a fluffy brush apply a bronzer that is two shades darker than your skin tone on your cheek bones, forehead and jawline using circular motions. You can also apply some on the bridge of your nose for a more defined look. Then with the same brush apply some blush on your cheek bones to bring back some warmth to your face.

Step 6; Move on to the eyes     

After you are done with your face, it is now time to define your eyes. So first chose eyeshadow colors that are subtle or nude. Then using a small eyeshadow brush apply a color that is close to your skin tone and blend it on your crease in circular motions. Next use a darker color to define your eyes and apply it on the outer corners of your eyes. Finally use some mascara to enhance your lashes.

Step 7; Highlighter and setting spray

Last but not least set your whole face by spraying some setting spray either dewy or matte depending on your preference. Then use a warm highlighter shade and apply it on your brow bone, your check bone and also on the inner corner of your eyes for some more glow.

Also feel free to tweak anything according to how you see fit and I hope you enjoy the final look.

If you still find it hard to digest everything then please feel free to watch my YouTube tutorial for a better visual explanation.

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