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  • Oct. 27, 2021
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Applying your makeup in the morning only for it to melt or crease by noon can be very annoying considering the hours you spend for a full face beat. This is very common especially with oily skin since the natural oils on the face emulsify with the makeup leaving you with a sticky shiny look. But just because you have oily skin does not mean you will never wear a flawless full face makeup. It all depends on how well you take care of your skin, the products you use and even the techniques you use to apply makeup. So with these few tips you will be able to enjoy a full face of makeup all day long.

  1. Begin by priming your skin

Before applying your foundation or any other makeup, you should first prime your face. It will help if you have large pores but it could also be too much in some instances especially since it is 95% as a moisturizer. Therefore, do this only on your T-zone areas (forehead, chin and nose) or any other oily areas using a mattifying primer to keep all that shine away.

  1. Elevate your skincare

Start by exfoliating and cleansing your skin to control excess sebum and reduce appearance of pores. Free yourself from the thought that oily skin does not need to be moisturized. Your skin needs to be hydrated so that the sebum glands do not compensate by producing more oils. Use a gel-based moisturizer to avoid looking greasy or sticky. Also use less products to prevent products from piling up on your skin.

  1. Carry blotting papers

As much as your makeup will look flawless and matte when you put it on, at some point later on it will start looking oily and shiny. This is where blotting papers come in. They will help lift oil from your skin and others also deposit a bit of powder to absorb the oil. Be sure not to rub it on your skin since it might remove some of your makeup. The trick is to press it on the oily parts of your skin and lift it as you go.

  1. Don’t use excess powder

When your makeup gets oily the first thing you think of is powder, which is good yes but only in the right amounts. Using too much powder will dry out your skin making your pores produce excess oil. Apply powder only on the oily parts using a matte translucent powder to reduce shine. In case you go overboard, use a damp beauty sponge and tap it on the powdery areas.

  1. Use oil-free products

With oily skin, you already have excess oils which do not require you to go for hydrating products. Stay away from wet look and extremely shiny highlighters. Rather use oil free and noncomedogenic (products that don’t clog pores) products especially foundations and concealers. Also use skin care products such as cleansers and toners that have glycolic acids to cut down on excess oil.

  1. Set it right

Setting spray and setting powder are key makeup products for all skin types. And most people believe that setting powder is only used after applying the concealer and setting spray as the final step. But a trick for oily skin is to use setting spray after priming your face so that it can lock in all the mattifying products and prevent oil from seeping through to you makeup. Also use a translucent setting powder and dust off the oily parts of your face right before you apply your foundation or any cream products.

  1. Use an eye base

Naturally our eyelids and under eyes are the driest parts of our faces. However for oily skin you will notice that excess oil usually settles on our eyelids leaving them looking oily and shiny. Most people use concealer to set their eyes which is okay but for oily skin, concealer may be too heavy on your skin and end up creasing your eye makeup. Therefore it is advisable to use eye primer to set your eyelids and mattify them just before you apply the rest of your eye makeup. This will help your eye makeup last longer.

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