How To Take Care of Acrylic Nails

  • Nov. 13, 2021
  • Nail Care

Not only are they pleasing to our eyes but also they provide longevity of long elegant nails. And we all can’t deny we love to have beautiful nails every single day. Acrylics help to hide short weak nails since they are placed over natural nails. However as much as they provide protection, they do not go maintenance free. They actually do need tender love and care.

Taking care of your acrylic nails will potentially help to reduce injuries, nail infections and other nail related health problems. Below are some of the tips that will help take care of your nails and make them last longer.


  1. Treat your acrylics gently

Akin to your natural hair, your acrylic nails should not be used as a tool. Avoid using your nails to open cans, lift heavy things, or using breakthrough tapes. By doing all this you’re not only increasing the chances of breaking your acrylics but also damaging the underlying nails which most of the time could be excruciatingly painful. When doing tasks that could potentially damage your nails you are advised to wear gloves.

  1. Keep skin around your nails healthy

Keeping the skin around your nails healthy is as good as keeping your nails healthy. Watch out for dryness, peeling, and redness. This can be prevented by moisturizing your hands daily to prevent infections.

  1. Avoid self-repair in case of damage

In case of any accidental chipping instead of trying to repair it yourself which may cause more harm than good go to a nail technician immediately .This reduces the amount of nail damage and infection.

  1. Do not expose your nails to harsh chemicals

Do not use regular nail remover or acetone nail polish remover as it can separate them from your natural nails which makes them deteriorate quickly. Also do not expose them to too much heat or chemicals such as turpentine .In case you want to remove residue rubbing it with alcohol should be fine.

  1. Choose a length that will work with your lifestyle

For instance if your job requires you to do a lot of things with your hands, you should preferably chose a shorter set of nails e.g 1.5 centimeters from your tip. Else you can choose a longer set. This helps in reducing easy chipping or breaking.

  1. Apply nail oil 2-3 times a day

When your acrylic nails are stiff and rigid, they are more likely to break. To keep them flexible pour a couple of drops to the nails and rub them to distribute. Such nail products can be found easily in beauty stores.

  1. Keep them dry

Not only does overexposure to water because acrylic glue to loosen up and come undone but also it can damage your acrylic and cause fungus too. To avoid bacteria from getting in and causing fungal infections, whenever your nails get wet completely dry them out. You can also use gloves to reduce the amount of water getting to your nails.

  1. Get nails done regularly

At least every two weeks get nails done to help maintain manicure and take care of your nails. This avoids damage ad breakage since they usually get weaker with time and thus getting them done comes so much in handy.

  1. Get fills regularly

Caring for your acrylics requires shifts in habits to prevent nails from excessive moisture and damage. This helps a huge deal in the maintenance of acrylic nails. By doing this gorgeous nails can always be part of your lifestyle.

  1. Use professional nail technicians

To have your nails removed visit a professional nail salon as it can be a difficult and alternatively painful process. Consequently also visit a professional when getting them done to avoid easy or quick damage.

Contrary to popular belief, lack of maintenance of acrylic nails can cause a myriad of problems and thus the above tips will help a great mile in taking care of your nails.

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