5 Tips to get those perfect eyebrows

  • June 24, 2021
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Doing your eyebrows does not have to be that hard because all you have to do is follow your natural eyebrow shape. Normally our eyebrows have a unique natural curve that corresponds to our face shape making it even easier to do your brows.

But incase doing your eyebrows is still a problem to you then here are five basic tips to getting the perfect eyebrows and I’ll be making it very simple and easy.

1. Grooming

This is very important because it will enhance your brow shape and give you an easy time when outlining your eyebrows. Therefore make sure you trim excess and overgrown hair on your eyebrows and also pluck or tweeze rogue eyebrow hair that may seem to be growing away from your natural brow line. *Do not over-pluck or over-tweeze your eyebrows just do it where necessary.

2. Outlining

 Using a pencil in the shade that complements your skin tone, draw a line on the lower side of your eyebrows following your natural brow shape then draw another one on the upper side. Be sure to enhance the shape and size of the outline according to your preference and also make sure that the lines are as close to your natural eyebrows as possible.

3. Filling In

 Use a spoolie brush and comb through your eyebrows in an upward motion making sure the brow hair is straight and neat. Next use either a pencil or an eyebrow gel with a flat angled brush and lightly draw straight hair-like strokes to areas that have spaces or areas that do not have enough hair. This will give you a more natural finish which is the main goal. Continue with this process and fill in your eyebrows to your satisfaction.

4. Concealing

 Use a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone with a flat angled brush to correct any mistakes you might have made when outlining since the lines need to be as accurate as possible. You can also use a lighter concealer to highlight your brow bone. Use a foundation of your shade on the upper side of your eyebrows to make it easier to blend afterwards.

5. Cleaning It Up

Cleaning up is basically removing the excess concealer and foundation that remains after correcting the outline. To do this first drag down the excess products using a flat angled brush then use either a fluffy concealer brush or a beauty blender and tap in all the excess products. Using tapping motions is more advisable compared to dragging the products around because dragging will leave harsh lines and this will make the whole area look messy whereas tapping will blend the products to your skin and leave a skin-like finish.

NOTE that 99.9% of the time, eyebrows do not look alike so don’t stress yourself over that. Instead aim at making sure that they at least they have a few similarities and they complement your face shape. Also note that you can always go for eyebrow tinting or microblading if you find it extremely difficult doing your eyebrows. I mean life is too short to stress yourself over eyebrows lol.

For more tips, tricks and a better visual explanation, watch my five minutes quick and easy eyebrow tutorial on my Youtube channel.

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