How To Make Your Nails Grow Faster, Stronger And Healthier

  • Sept. 16, 2021
  • Nail Care

Beautiful, long, and strong nails are nothing short of a dream come true for most women. And sometimes, we just need a break from the acrylics and press-on to allow our nails to rejuvenate from all the glue damage. But something we have never known is patience. The wait for nails to grow faster naturally can be quite a real sport since they grow approximately 2-3 millimeters a month. Fast? Not really.

The bad news is there is nothing you can do to grow your nails in 5 minutes (YouTubers be lying, okay?). The good news, though, is that you could do a few tips and tricks to help you grow healthier and stronger nails. So if you want to check them out, then keep on reading.


1. Sparingly use nail hardeners

Naturally, nails are soft, and this makes them brittle and more prone to breaking. Therefore, once in a while, try applying nail hardeners which would help strengthen your nails and make them grow longer and more robust. Be careful, though, because frequent use of nail hardeners could further weaken your nails and cause breakage or permanent damage in the future.

2. Take a break from press-on nails and gel polish

During the application of false nails, glue is applied directly to your natural nails. This weakens them and causes them to break. Gel polish also causes nail breakage as it hardens the nails and reduces their flexibility which causes them to break easily. Therefore the better option is to apply nail polish with little or no toxic chemicals.

3. Stay hydrated

We never have enough water in our bodies because it is essential in many processes, and nail growth is one of them. Our nails need water to grow healthy and strong; therefore, try as much as you can to prevent dehydration for your nails and your skin and hair. You could hydrate by drinking water, beverages, and fresh juice.

4. Groom your nails

When you groom your nails regularly, it makes them less prone to breaking. This is because round-shaped edges and shorter nails are less likely to crack or peel, which would further result in breaking. It is better to use a glass nail file for brittle nails than the normal nail file while shaping.

5. Use cuticle oil

Just as you hydrate your body, you also need to hydrate your skin, including your cuticles. Frequently applying your cuticle oil keeps your nails hydrated and thus makes them flexible, which is good since hard nails tend to break and chip easily. This will help you grow stronger and healthier nails.

6. Avoid biting your nails

Quitting certain habits seem easier said than done, and unfortunately, nail-biting is one of them. So if you really need longer nails, then you’ll have to try harder. Some recommendations to help you reduce this habit include applying bitter-tasting nail polish or identifying the reason you bite them in the first place and work on that.

7. Put on rubber gloves during house chores

When doing dishes, our nails soak and become brittle and dry. This makes them more prone to chipping and breaking. The same also applies to doing other house chores that require the use of certain harsh chemicals which cause your nails to peel and suddenly break. Therefore, be sure to use rubber gloves to help create a safe barrier for you to do your chores with no worries.

8. Take nail-growing nutrients

Poor nutrition slows nail growth because it needs all the nutrients it can get for our bodies to function at their best. Taking a balanced diet that includes meals such as meat, eggs, fish, beans, nuts, as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables, could be super beneficial to your nails. They will provide all the necessary nutrients required for strong, healthy nails.

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