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  • April 7, 2022
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Whether you are looking to do professional makeup or just learning for your personal reasons, a fully equipped makeup kit is very essential to you. However building a collection of beauty products as extensive as that of a makeup artist is not that easy. The key to achieving this is by doing your own research on products then comparing them. The good news though is that the essentials of a quality makeup artist kit are the same and contain some basics that might help you create an incredible look.

It might seem like you will need every product in the market but that’s not the case. The only things you need to consider as you get your products is the quality, multifunction and sanitation. In this article we are going to show you exactly how to do that, so read on.

  1. Prepping and Skincare products

Skincare and prep are very key since they will determine the finish and longevity of your makeup. As a pro you’re definitely going to be working with many faces which have different skin types. Therefore it is important to have products for dry, oily and normal skin types.

  1. Foundation and Concealer

As a pro you will need cream products that will accommodate a wide range of skin tones. Therefore, cream palettes are one of the best options here since they have a diverse selection of colour. They are also compact, cheaper and easy to handle as compared to the liquid foundation and concealer bottles.

  1. Powder

Powder is very essential especially after using cream products. Both setting powder and finishing powder are important but you can just get away with either of them. Investing in a high quality powder palette will save you a lot in terms of cost, space and all that. Powder palettes have a wide range of colours that can help you set the face as well as contour and highlight. Need I say more really?    

  1.    Blush and Bronzer

The power of bronzer and blush never seize to amaze me. From the way they bring back colour to the face to the way they define the face, wow! They are therefore a must have in every kit. There are plenty of blush and bronzer palettes in the market. Some even come as a two-in-one which is a plus. The only thing to note when purchasing them is to make sure you get both mattes and shimmers so as to keep your kit versatile.  

  1. Eyes

When it comes to eyeshadow your palettes have to be as versatile as possible. This is because as a pro you’ll get clients who want either simple or dramatic eye looks therefore you will need to satisfy their needs. Though keep in mind that you do not need to use every shade of shadow in the palette. So you can just two or three palettes that are versatile enough to accommodate every type of client.

For the eyes you could also add some mascara, eyeliner and lashes to add some ‘oomph’ to the look.

  1. Lips

For the lips you don’t really need much. You could get away with the perfect combination of lip liners and a lip palette. When shopping for both lip liners and a lip palette, the key is to look for highly pigmented products. This will make whatever lip combo you are going for pop. You could add a couple of lip glosses just for versatility.

  1. Brushes and Tools

Brushes are quite hard to narrow down since there are a variety all with different functions. But getting a set of brushes at once makes this whole process a bit easier. Afterwards, you could get more brushes and pick your holy grails depending on what works for you. I mean the less the better right? As you are shopping for brushes also look for brush cleaners since you’ll need to clean them regularly especially as a pro MUA.

  1. Set it and forget it!

Last but not least, we definitely had to finish every look with a setting spray. This will ensure you makeup lasts for as long as it can as well as dissolve all the powder to prevent your face from looking dry and powdery. Therefore a setting spray is very key. You can have both the hydrating and mattifying setting spray since your clients’ preferences will differ.

  1. Makeup box

 After buying all these products you will definitely need a place to store them as well as transport them especially or freelance artists. A makeup box can be quite pricey but you definitely don’t need to go for the biggest one. Find something that will fit all your products and last you a while. Then you’ll be set to go.

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